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About company

Domeko Ltd. is a dynamically developing young company. Since the entrance to the market in May, 1999 the company constantly expands a field of activity, masters new kinds of production spends greater research work to offer to clients the fullest complex of materials and services for construction of an individual house.

The principle of ecological compatibility is foundation of activity of the company in a broad sense this word. Materials and technologies of construction which we (and we offer on the market) are environment friendly and do not render anthropogenic impact on the planet.

We try not to oppose a person to elements but armed by knowledge of laws of the nature we build cooperation between them. Our problem is to think up such a house whose owners could love it and it could love its owners. And than to build the new house in reality of the Earth so that the world will accept the house and its inhabitants.

The result of this approach is our attitude to clients. We think about our clients as neighbours and fellow countrymen (Earthmen!). And we think that we all share the common idea – to make life of family better and a piece of the ground more beautiful. Therefore as a result of our teamwork business relations often develop into friendly ones.

The base of our company is our own wood-working manufacture located on more than 8000 square meters and with up-to-date equipment. All basic process equipment are dry chambers, press, a line of merging, the quadrilateral planer. They all are manufactured by world leading companies. It allows us to make all constructional and many finishing materials for our houses independently. We cooperate with world leading manufacturers of environment friendly roofing, waterproofing, insulating, paint and varnish materials and we represent their production on Belarus market.

We project and we advise. The specialists of Domeko Ltd. will be glad to share their knowledge and get new knowledge as well. Come to us with your dream of a House, and we will help to find a form and a flesh for it!


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