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Material: 3-layer glued beam home-produced.

Fitting ROTO, Germany
Dewatering profile NЕСКАR, GUТМАN, Germany
Weather strip DЕVЕNТЕR, Germany
Silicon joint sealant, Germany
Glass cover is optional by single-glass or double-glass
pane. Usage of panes with low-emission covered glass, tinted or mirror glass.

Coloration: At coloring the articles we use environmentally friendly covering system by German company Remmers.8 with UV-and dote-protection. A wide range of colors. Admeasurements, delivery and installation is optional. Equipping the articles with mosquito screens, windowsills is available.

The articles are manufactured in accordance with STB-939-93. Certificate of Conformity RB, Hygienic Certificate, In-house production Certificate. Warranty period is 12 month in case of observing the rules on delivery, storing, mounting, running and range of use. Depending on the quantity discounts are available.

We are looking forward to cooperation with new dealers and building companies.


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